Rise Above

When the world feels unsafe, and the people around us seem bitter, it can be tempting to reflect our environment. When things are not going our way, it’s normal to feel like giving up. We may look for excuses to quit the difficult walk that is leading us towards our goals. When others despise us and commit hateful wrongdoings towards us, our initial reaction may be to retaliate; but we shouldn’t. We should always be unlike those who dedicate their time to hurt us. For every excuse we may think of to quit, there are solutions to get past the roadblocks. When our environment is weak and negative, we need to rise above it all. This book points the way.

You can order the book through The Book Wardrobe and online.

Farah, I truly enjoyed reading your beautifully written book. Truly I know that Jesus was sitting next to you as you wrote, guiding your hands and inspiring your mind, influencing your thoughts. R.P.

Love how this is coinciding with this study I am embarking on with a friend…I loved reading the book, Farah. It was such good encouragement and reminder…and the prayers and reflection added to the experience of rising above. One of my favorite revelations as I was reading is something you alluded to, but the translation you used said Peter jumped out of the boat. He knew he was walking as soon as he was out of the boat, but he jumped out and didn’t fall into the water…he was on top of it walking to Jesus… V.M.

Thank you so much for this book. It really is changing me and helping me step out in faith and my comfort zone; making me rededicate myself to God. Definitely something I need in this season. It’s not just a story. It isn’t just something small. It’s huge and not something we need to brush off like it’s another story/miracle of Jesus. It’s a calling for us all as Christians. As life is hard and there will be storms in this life. God bless you and continue to use you mightily and boldly. R.B.

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