Your Fate Is Sealed By God, Not People

A stone slab was placed over the opening of the den. The king sealed the cover with his signet ring and the signet rings of all his nobles, fixing Daniel’s fate. (Daniel 6:17 MSG) There’s an interesting statement that is stated differently in Daniel chapter 6: the law of the Medes and Persians can neverContinue reading “Your Fate Is Sealed By God, Not People”

Don’t Go Into Premature Labour

People ruin their lives by their own stupidity, so why does God always get blamed? (Proverbs 19:3 MSG) I heard an analogy about waiting on God that really stuck with me. The person explained how no woman wants to give birth prematurely. In fact, she’s worried and upset when she has to give birth beforeContinue reading “Don’t Go Into Premature Labour”

Why Cry Out to Me? Get Moving!

God said to Moses: “Why cry out to me? Speak to the Israelites. Order them to get moving. Hold your staff high and stretch your hand out over the sea: Split the sea! The Israelites will walk through the sea on dry ground.” (Exodus 14:15-16 MSG) Moses was Israel’s great leader, but he often failedContinue reading “Why Cry Out to Me? Get Moving!”

The Greatest Proof, the Best Gift

“Then, after doing all those things,I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.Your sons and daughters will prophesy.Your old men will dream dreams,and your young men will see visions.In those days I will pour out my Spiriteven on servants—men and women alike.” (Joel 2:28-29 NLT) “What’s the proof that Jesus is alive?” asked meContinue reading “The Greatest Proof, the Best Gift”