Silencing Peninnah

But her rival wife [Peninnah] taunted her [Hannah] cruelly, rubbing it in and never letting her forget that God had not given her children.

(1 Samuel 1:6 MSG)

We all know a Peninnah, that person who just likes to make us feel miserable. I’ve definitely had my fair share of Peninnahs in my life, so I can sympathize with Hannah. Thankfully, we can silence the Peninnahs in our lives. They don’t have to gain the upper hand.

Peninnah taunted Hannah for years, especially when the family went to God’s house to worship. It’s interesting to me how Hannah went to the house of God every year and never uttered a single prayer. No wonder Peninnah’s words got to her. After all, why would she want to talk to the God who had closed her womb? But one day, when she could no longer take the taunts of her rival wife, Hannah cried out to God and that’s when He heard her prayer and granted her a son.

The devil can spend years trying to keep us from reaching out to God because he knows what will happen the moment we do. Don’t spend your life going through the motion of attending church without having a personal relationship with God Himself. He’s more than willing to hear and answer when we seek Him with all our heart.

Prayer is the weapon that can silence the enemy.

Westminster Abbey, London

Published by risingwiththeson

Farah obtained her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree (with a double major in English and Religious Studies) from the University of Toronto, where she also completed her Bachelor of Education (OISE). While she enjoys teaching, writing gives Farah equal pleasure. She began to exercise this passion with the publication of "Rising with the Son," her daily devotional blog. It is designed to help strengthen the faith of her readers in Jesus. Through her writing, it is Farah's wish to inspire others and help them develop a closer relationship with God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

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